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NMAP UDP DNS scan unexpected packets sending

I got the other day an automated mail alert from some ID/IPS equipment that ‘ a NULL DNS scan was detected and blocked from your IP’. NULL DNS scan? I wasn’t sending any such packets, not to mention I have no idea what they mean by that. After some …

NMAP run stages flow diagram

NMAP scanner has become over the years so friendly that it is not apparent what is going on when it runs. Below is a typicsl NMAP workflow: Follow me on not to miss what I publish on Linkedin, Github, blog, and more.

Ever wondered how much does ip addresses allocation cost to your service provier ?

Ever wondered how much does IP addresses allocation really cost to your provider? Well, that is easy. If we talk about the RIPE IP address space (majority today) then they have published their fees for PI (Provider Independent) allocations for LIRs (Local Internet Registry) which is by coincidence your ISP …