Where do I download Fortigate free trial VM?

Where do I download the free trial VM of the Fortigate? Probably the most frequent question I get asked. And not to stop at the answer "support.fortinet.com", here is a video walk-through. The version you download has built-in 15 days trial license, which comes with some limitations you can read about here: https://yurisk.info/2021/02/28/fortigate-vm-evaluation-license-15-days-limitations/

Starting with FortiOS 7.2.1, the evaluation license and the process of issuing it have changed. The steps to download the image, shown below, are still the same, but make sure to read about new evaluation licensing as well, here: https://yurisk.info/2022/08/08/Fortigate-free-VM-Evaluation-License-is-now-permanent-not-15-days/

If all you want, on the other hand, is to see how Fortigate GUI looks and feels, you can go here https://fortigate.fortidemo.com with the user/pass demo/demo and log in into a real Fortigate (2000E as of this writing) as read-only admin.

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