Fortigate guest user accounts - create, edit, delete and deploy

The guest user accounts are special in Fortigate and unlike regular local Firewall user accounts. The flow of creating them is:

 Guest users creation workflow

Let's configure it.

First, you create Groups, which serve, in this case, as a template for various parameters users can/must have later:

User & Device -> User Groups -> New .. -> Type: Guest

create new group

If you enable "Batch Guest Account Creation" then all the configs become grayed out and all the details of the to-be created users will auto-randomly generated.

(Optional) Create Guest users admin to manage them and assign relevant Groups

Such admin can only see the page of managing these Guest users and that is it.

System -> Administrators -> New .. -> Type: Restrict admin to guest account provisioning only:

guest admin

This admin has to have access to the Management IP as a usual admin:

admin GUI

Create Guest users

User & Device -> Guest Management -> New ..

Pay attention to the right upper corner to pick the correct group for the new to-be created user.

create new guest user

create new user

Use the created Groups

Finally, we can use the Guest groups in Security rules or WiFi SSID for the Captive Portal for authenticaton.

Here is the example of Security rule. A user will have to first browse somewhere to get the login page.

security rule

Full CLI configuration:

config user group
    edit "SSO_Guest_Users"
    edit "Guest-group"
        set group-type guest
        set user-name enable
        set sponsor mandatory
        set expire-type first-successful-login
        set expire 446400
        config guest
            edit ""
                set name "guest1"
                set password ENC y3UDU+HYxl2n7KBFwPXNkd1BD2XmoAKyga50LtyL+qk+GLcwPDGHyw8hzkY9Wl0Q7wYYm4dOWuqMoDAzvQ1MsxyoxJsLag+esNBC4nGONVC+tRqyWSjA+8xvyiZykgwB3Urj0ylv6vd99mVk0XiwHtd2S/GLB7/1DsfQtinp6NwH4FF3g+3YPni7fThHwWQjnMfH3w==
                set sponsor "NASA"
                set company "NASA"
                set email ""
                set expiration 2020-08-03 05:13:27
    edit "Guest-group2"
        set group-type guest
        set user-name enable
        set expire-type first-successful-login
        set expire 878400
        config guest
            edit ""
                set name "guest2"
                set password ENC 41+u3YABUwTLctu56UTIni2P7rRnr3edfCKOfH/RJatGi7znh8kpcxc03vJTciH4J7/CDmBVESD4foPi5hMV+u9DQLzQ2AN2sxKMcB+9fJ/O2RhlVRoBwR7SN/is2G2Tra3pMA1lkWzJhMAcXfQnB55YcYq5UnXqGYDNhNt+I8+1CDyowlxIxWpS5grwPIYJEiWQCQ==
                set sponsor "NSA"
                set company "NSA"
                set email ""
                set expiration 878400

Optional guest users admin:

config system admin
    edit "guest-admin"
        set vdom "root"
        set guest-auth enable
        set guest-usergroups "Guest-group" "Guest-group2"
        set password ENC SH2SUStSlY72bDN/7nYPYJGaKNHPdtjsd4BLiYwKzXu+N/B19BHiX899iakQ6k=

LAN to Internet wired networks rule:

edit 3
        set name "LAN-10.17-to-Internet"
        set uuid cdfe8fee-ca85-51ea-5c07-b2311d5406cd
        set srcintf "port3"
        set dstintf "port1"
        set srcaddr "LAN_10.10.17"
        set dstaddr "all"
        set action accept
        set schedule "always"
        set service "ALL"
        set utm-status enable
        set fsso disable
        set groups "Guest-group" "Guest-group2"  <-- Guest user groups
        set webfilter-profile "custom1"
        set dnsfilter-profile "custom-dns-filter1"
        set application-list "Custom-app-control"
        set ssl-ssh-profile "deep-inspection"
        set nat enable

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