Agressive scans from - HD Moore is trying to save the Internet

I've been  seeing this for some time so you will see it soon too. We speak here mostly about SNMP probes coming from a set of very specific IPs. If you do a search on IP you get to the webpage below (web site is not up anymore), explaining to the reader that it constitutes a vulnerability/misconfiguration disclosure effort by HD Moore exercised on the wide Internet for our own good . I haven't had answer from Hd Moore himself (probably because of Defcon:) ) so can't really deny nor confirm this claim I did heard  I did hear from him,  it is indeed scans done by him. Anyway, as the scans are much more frequent/agressive than usual attack/scan attempts I see everyday, I decided , while not seeing them as any threat, to filter them out and here are IP addresses if you decide too. IPs:    Screenshot of the website hosted on aforementioned IPs:

screenshot of the webpage

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