Limit maximum size of scanned files in Fortigate firmware 4

Today I had to lower scanned files size on FOrtigate 80C. In the past it was a matter of few clicks in the good old version 3 via management GUI but in version 4 I spent some 20 minutes digging its GUI high and low and then finally opened Command Reference and found how to do it the CLI way. Here is the solution :

FTG80C# config antivirus service http
FTG80C(http)# sho

config antivirus service "http"
    set scan-bzip2 disable
    set uncompnestlimit 12
    set uncompsizelimit 10

FTG80C(http) # set uncompsizelimit 2
FTG80C(http) # end

FTG80C# qconfig antivirus service ftp FTG80C(ftp) # set

scan-bzip2         enable scanning of bzip2 compressed files
uncompnestlimit    uncompnestlimit
uncompsizelimit    uncompsizelimit

FTG80C(ftp) # set uncompsizelimit

   max uncompressed size to scan (1-50MB or use 0 for unlimited)

FTG80C(ftp) # set uncompsizelimit 2
FTG80C(ftp) # end

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