Do not miss the long awaited addition to the Fortigate 4 MR2 – sFlow data export

Great news – now Fortigate supports exporting data flows statistics to an external server using sFlow protocol (twin of Netflow from the Cisco world). I configured it in about a minute and it just works. To collect the sFlow data I use nfdump/Nfsen , that I found to be the most stable and versatile, not to mention being the rare one supporting both Netflow and sFlow. You first set external server IP and destination port , here it is and UDP 7774, and then enable flow export per interface. Example follows, here I did it on Fortigate 100.

show system sflow

config system sflow
set collector-ip
set collector-port 7774

show system interface dmz1

config system interface
edit "dmz1"
set vdom "root"
set ip
set allowaccess ping https ssh snmp
set type physical
set wccp enable
set sflow-sampler enable

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