* The video was shot in HD 1080p so make sure to enter the full screen.
This crackme is again difficulty 1, that is very easy. But this time it is more interesting as asks the reader to reverse engineer the algorithm for correct key generation. No static strings/passwords are located in the file. Let’s have a look at the requirements:
  • Find a valid serial for your nick/name
  • Use any tools at your disposal, however I doubt you'll need anything more than SoftIce and W32Dasm (both are useless today as do not support non-9x Windows)
  • Do not tamper with the resources! (I.E. No Resource Editors allowed!)
  • Bonus: write a keygen to produce a valid serial given the user's name
This crackme teaches to find the Windows API functions in the import table by name and then trace them in code, to know which one to put the breakpoint at (if doing it with the dynamic debugger),to understand the program flow, also causes reader to read MSDN library on the Internet, presents student with a simple algorithm for producing the key based on the user's input to be reversed (the algorithm is simple enough to be reversed even without dynamic debugging), no anti-debug/anti-reverse tricks are used.
keywords: languages, programming, assembly-language, reversing, software-protection