* The video was shot in HD 1080p so make sure to enter the full screen.
This crackme is again difficulty 1, that is very easy. It is more like “Hello World” in the programming world – helps a user to learn the tools of the trade, familiarize with the process itself, give some motivation to continue the studies. So it does have a good educational value. Let’s have a look at the requirements:
  • Patch the file to prevent the cdrom error messagebox
  • Write up some sort of document (.txt or .html) which explains how and where you patched the program. As well how you found where to patch
  • Bonus: Write a program to patch the exe file
This crackme teaches to find the Windows API functions in the import table by name, to know which one to put the breakpoint at (if doing it with the dynamic debugger), no nasty tricks are used, also causes reader to read MSDN library on the Internet, how to bit hack.
keywords: languages, programming, assembly-language, reversing, software-protection