I have been an avid everything-Google user for years and been happy with their services. Until today. I keep all my documents as Google Docs and there are lots of them. Today I wanted to continue to work on a document I have had for few weeks and last updated few days ago. To much of my surprise – it was nowhere to find! I took all the measures Google support advises – no joy. I started then searching the Google for this problem and lo and behold – this is a well-known issue with Google Docs and has been happening to people’s docs for years without any resolution. From technical standpoint I can understand – no cloud provider can promise 100% reliability of its storage, even the Amazon AWS S3 state it as 99.99% or such depending on the price. Which in turn means out of hundreds documents we will inevitably lose few. Google itself nowhere states its reliability for storage but I do not need to know – my trust in this service is gone, and I switched all the documents to the local PC and now backup locally to an external flash-drive using built-in Windows 10 Backup feature and advise you to do so.