The list of available and active Check Point modules depends on the firewall version and installed components. We have the following helpful command fw ctl debug -m to list all the modules. After getting modules and their options using them in a debug session is just a matter of enabling any of them with "+" before the name , e.g. ... +xlate to get debug of NAT translations.
[Expert@HQ-firewall:0]# fw ctl debug -m
Module: fw
Kernel debugging options: error warning cookie crypt domain ex driver filter hold if install ioctl kbuf ld log machine memory misc packet q xlate xltrc conn synatk media sip vm chain bridge         tcpstr scv highavail ipv6 packval sync ipopt link nat cifs drop route citrix misp portscan leaks mgcp sock mail spii chainfwd msnms wire balance dynlog smtp wap content mrtsync sam sock malware cmi aspii dos advp multik netquota monitor monitorall dfilter integrity epq cvpnd cptls ftp nac span ucd acct dlp ua icmptun dnstun ips rad te zeco user qos context prof connstats nat64 cgnat sctp
Messaging threshold set to type=Info freq=Common

Module: h323
Kernel debugging options: error init h225 h245 ras decode align cpas
Messaging threshold set to type=Info freq=Common