It was predictable thing for Fortinet to do as everyone else has already been doing so.
I haven’t verified myself but according to the informed source (can only say his name – Hen) they are using
Maxmind database . So let’s see how to do it .
First you create in New Address dialog window the Geography type object specifying the country. As you can only pick one country per address use Address Groups to combine few countries together.
After creating such Address object you can use it in Firewall Policy just as you would the usual Address.
Personal Note: While there is an ongoing fuss/hysteria about the cyberwar being waged that started 2 weeks ago when Saudi “hackers” DDOS’ed few Israel websites, from what I see in the field it is more of a FUD campaign, one of the byproducts of which is rush of many website owners in Israel to block Saudi Arabia IPs (or any Arabic world IPs for that matter). What happened in fact was that most of DDOS came from anywhere but Arab world (Russia, China,US) , from botnets-for-hire.
The only reason I can think of why you would use Geo location block is to lower noise/size of logs by silently dropping traffic from unwanted countries.