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Scheduled Daily Reboot of FortiGate

Recently I had to do late night restart of a Fortigate and was looking for “Reload in…”
I found it, but in Fortigate it is a little different.
It’s called Daily Restart, and if you want to use it once you need to remember to remove this command.

config system global
set daily-restart enable
set restart time 04:00

Now the FortiGate is configured to reboot at 4 AM (System Time).
Don’t forget to update the system clock (Use NTP, Always keeps it synced)


  1. Awesome, thanks Chen, now we stand a good chance of ruling the
    Fortinet world on the web with you joining in (with all your FCNXX badges and excessive knowledge) :).
    Welcome aboard.

  2. useful note.

  3. hi,
    if we want to restart in a weekly basis how do we?

  4. For FGT 60, the daily restart command is a litle bit different:
    config system global
    set daily-restart enable
    set restart-time 04:00 (look at the “-“!)

  5. Sorry, but I’m not aware of any option to do so.
    Maybe you do this externally from some Linux machine, simple “expect” could do the magic.

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