HIEW tutorial hexadecimal editor part 3 Navigation

Commands used in the video:

Commands Action
F8 + F5 jump to the Entry Point in the program.
Shift + "+" Add a bookmark at the current cursor position.
Alt + 1 / Alt + 2 / Alt + nn Jump to the 1st, 2nd , nn-th bookmark.
Alt + "-" Remove the bookmark at the current position.
Alt + 0 Remove all bookmarks in a file.
Ctrl + F5 Set offset calculation to any other than default start.
Ctrl + F10 Open a dialog box to save the current bookmarks/cursor state, later to be loaded to continue the work.
hiew32.exe /SAV=c:\temp\hiew-test.sav Open the file using the previously saved file state in the custom file hiew-test.sav

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