How to know Checkpoint UTM Appliance model from the cli

Many times you get to work on some UTM appliance remotely via ssh and need to know which exact model it is. It takes just one cli Expert level command to know: dmidecode | grep "Product Name". Then you go and compare the output with the UTM models table which Tobias Lachmann diligently compiled for us [Determine appliance hardware from command line] .
As of 09/07/2016 Tobias' website is down. So to preserve the useful info I put the list of UTM models to compare with:

Output UTM model
G-50 Check Point 21400
P-230 Check Point 12600
P-220 Check Point 12400
P-210 Check Point 12200
T-180 Check Point 4800
T-160 Check Point 4600
T-140 Check Point 4400
T-120 Check Point 4200
T-110 Check Point 2200
L-50 Security Gateway 80
P-30 Power-1 11000 Series VSX-1 11000 Series
P-20 Power-1 9070 Connectra 9072 VSX-1 9070
P-10 Power-1 5070
U-40 UTM-1 3070 Connectra 3070 Smart-1 3074 VSX-1 3070
U-30 UTM-1 2070
U-20 UTM-1 1070
U-15 UTM-1 570
U-10 UTM-1 270 Connectra 270
U-5 UTM-1 130
C6P_UTM UTM-1 2050
C6_UTM UTM-1 1050
C2_UTM UTM-1 450
IP-150 IP-150
IP-282 IP-282
IP-295 IP-295
IP-395 IP-395
IP-565 IP-565
IP-695 IP-695
IP-1285 IP-1285
IP-2455 IP-2455
U-31 IPS-1 2076
P-11 IPS-1 5076
P-21 IPS-1 9076
U-42 DLP-1 2571
P-22 DLP-1 9571
S-10 Smart-1 5
S-20 Smart-1 25
S-21 Smart-1 25
S-30 Smart-1 50
S-40 Smart-1 150

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