Overlooked but nice utility from Checkpoint - cpview

Checkpoint has made available starting with R77.30 this helpful diagnostics and debug utility called cpview of which not many are aware. This is basically a Bash script that runs a bunch of native Checkpoint commands in the background and displays the output on the terminal while updating the data every other second.
- Running the command (you have to be in the Expert mode):
# cpview
- File location:
# which cpview
alias cpview='/bin/cpview_start.sh'
- Some of the commands the utility runs:
fw ctl pstat
fw ctl multik stat
fw ctl affinity -l -r

Example output:
Even more, this tool keeps history, by default a month's worth of data, so if you do any debug - make a habit of using it always. You can find more information in SK 101878 article at the Checkpoint site:
CPView Utility

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