SCP file transfers and Checkpoint R75 problems

There is a known issue with transferring big files (bigger than 1 Mb) from/to SecurePlatform firewall by Checkpoint. The file transfer fails with some error about buffers. The problem is that Checkpoint SPLAT comes with old opensshd daemon , which has a bug in it dated 2006  ( ) causing transfer to fail if SCP client is trying to  use buffer bigger than 1 Mb . And as (the only) Windows based client WinSCP (that in turn uses putty code) has  been using buffer larger than that for ages, trying to use versions of WinSCP newer than 3.x results in failure . Checkpoint have a hotfix for that, according to SK sk66195, but the less intrusive alternative is to use  older versions - pscp 0.60 and Winscp 3.x (e.g. 3.7.4)

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