Enable 2 factor authentication to protect your Gmail account if you have not

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Today i did an improvised poll at work who is using the 2 factor authentication with their Gmail mail account and got only one positive answer - me :) . The question was in turn inspired by the article in Atlantic Monthly where James Fallows depicts in detail his wife's Gmail account being hacked and how much trouble it was to get it back. I can only add that not using absolutely free and easy feature to safeguard your precious asset, mail account - is pretty reckless in our time . Just imagine what it would be to have ALL your Gmail inbox emptied and have your access to the account lost due to a hack ...
I've always known that the best way to solve the problems is to prevent them from occurring at all, so go ahead and use this Gmail feature and have less problems in life to solve .
My personal experience of few months is that it works with any mobile provider in Israel and it is pretty much ' set and forget ' type of configuration, just be able to receive once a month SMS , it can't be any easier I guess. Advanced sign-in security for your Google account

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