Cisco router – how to schedule an unattended reload with EEM

Today a colleague of mine asked if I had a ready-to-use template to schedule a reload of Cisco IOS router . -    "Of course, piece of cake, there should be millions of hits on it in Google" , was my thought. So, after 30 minutes of searching the mighty Google and being surprised to have found nothing I dragged from my notes this recipe dated 2007 but still valid as ever.
NB Word of warning to those trying to do it with built in KRON service of IOS – rebooting a router requires to answer  “yes” at the CLI prompt and therefore will NOT work with KRON, only EEM can do it.

IOS used and tested – IOS 12.4T

conf t  
Edge(config)#event manager applet ReloadMe  
Edge(config-applet)#event timer cron name ReloadMe cron-entry "05 09 * * *"  
Edge(config-applet)#action 33 reload  
wr mem 

This will reload router every day at 09:05, for other formats see man page for cron in Linux

sh run

event manager applet ReloadMe  
event timer cron name ReloadMe cron-entry "05 09 * * *"  
action 33 reload

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