Configure VLAN Solaris way

To create VLAN in Solaris you have to first decide where the Physical Point of Attachment (PPA) will be. In other words you have to attach VLAN to some physical interface on the server , as of now interface types that support VLANs are:
- ce
- bge
- xge
- e1000g

After you decided on the PPA and the VLAN ID using this formula the whole name for the new VLAN interface is calculated:

VLAN int name = physical interface driver name + VLAN ID \*1000 + physical device instance

In my case creating vlan 777 attached to the physical interface e1000g0 yields this:

Int name = e1000g + 777*1000 + 0 = e1000g777000

Usual plumbing and IP assigning to do:

Solaris_star#ifconfig e1000g777000 plumb Solaris_star#ifconfig e1000g777000 inet Solaris_star#ifconfig e1000g777000 up


Solaris_star#dladm show-link

e1000g0         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g0  
1000g777000    type: vlan 777  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g0  
e1000g1         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g1  
e1000g2         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g2

Solaris_star# ifconfig e1000g777000

e1000g777000: flags=201000843 mtu 1500 index 4 inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast ether 0:c:29:67:98:e7

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