Install native telnet client on Checkpoint firewall

Some time ago Telnet from inside Checkpoint firewall I wrote how to use awk to imitate telnet in Checkpoint firewall. Later in comments to that post the reader pointed out that there is a native telnet client located on the Splat installation iso image. That’s true , only I think you not always have installation image at hand. For that you can instead use standalone download SecurePlatformAddOn_R55.tgz While it states R55 in its name the telnet client software it has inside works well even with R70 and also on Splat platforms with 2.6 kernel. Indeed the telnet client that comes with the R70 installation image is bigger by file size but bears the same version name anyway. In addition there is another useful utility in this package – well known wget. So consider installing it too. After downloading it go by the usual RPM package install procedure – unzip, untar , rpm –Uvh

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