Increase log size in eSafe

Session logs in eSafe are  essential for debugging  . By default ,nevertheless each Session log file is limited to 100 megabytes in size , after reaching this limit eSafe stops writing the Session logs until the next log rotation - that is midnight.
To fix this , edit  the file /opt/eSafe/eSafeCR/esafecfg.ini:

    Size limit=2
    Last overflow=0
    Minimum free disk space=2000
    Block if internal error=1
    File name=^M
    Report days=10
    Session log days=7    = >  **Session log days= 365**
    Report max length=100
    Session log max length=100  =>  **Session log max length=500**
    Log sessions=1
    Detailed log sessions=0
    Log System Info Interval=10
    MMS block if internal error=1
    SessionLog To EventLog=0