Increase log size in eSafe

HISTORICAL NOTE Aladdin was an Israeli company known for its security eTokens and mail filtering appliances - eSafe. In 2009 it was bought by Safenet primarily for the token/DRM line, and soon the eSafe appliance was discontinued. Later the Safenet was in turn acquired by Gemalto. You can read about Aladdin at Aladdin Wiki

Session logs in eSafe are  essential for debugging  . By default ,nevertheless each Session log file is limited to 100 megabytes in size , after reaching this limit eSafe stops writing the Session logs until the next log rotation - that is midnight.
To fix this , edit  the file /opt/eSafe/eSafeCR/esafecfg.ini:

    Size limit=2
    Last overflow=0
    Minimum free disk space=2000
    Block if internal error=1
    File name=^M
    Report days=10
    Session log days=7    = >  **Session log days= 365**
    Report max length=100
    Session log max length=100  =>  **Session log max length=500**
    Log sessions=1
    Detailed log sessions=0
    Log System Info Interval=10
    MMS block if internal error=1
    SessionLog To EventLog=0  

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