Website/malware categorization in eSafe

HISTORICAL NOTE Aladdin was an Israeli company known for its security eTokens and mail filtering appliances - eSafe. In 2009 it was bought by Safenet primarily for the token/DRM line, and soon the eSafe appliance was discontinued. Later the Safenet was in turn acquired by Gemalto. You can read about Aladdin at Aladdin Wiki
If some website gets blocked by eSafe for being categorized wrongly you may fix it actually very simple. You enter the link below and change the website category; this takes some time , usually from few hours up to a day, for the change to take effect. If website has no category already then update takes effect fast.
To see what each category includes:

When you want to report an item that was falsely detected as virus/malware by eSafe you should send your request to :