Aladdin eSafe download - demo, docs

HISTORICAL NOTE Aladdin was an Israeli company known for its security eTokens and mail filtering appliances - eSafe. In 2009 it was bought by Safenet primarily for the token/DRM line, and soon the eSafe appliance was discontinued. Later the Safenet was in turn acquired by Gemalto. You can read about Aladdin at Aladdin Wiki
The best way to learn a product is first to see it :) - for this Aladdin made a demo econsole
After you run it it presents you with dosen of eSafe machines to any of which you can login by double clicking and feel like you are configuring a real eSafe machine - all GUI and options are exact copy of real product. You can get it here after filling form with (ir)relevant details. No longer available
Here is the link for econsole download of eSafe 7.1, it is important that you use econsole verison matching exactly the eSafe software version you are trying to connect to. I once had client that installed eSafe 7.0 (some beta release) and downloaded locally econsole from the machine, all worked fine.Then he upgraded eSafe software to 7.1 but did  NOT reinstall  new econsole , as the result he couldn't find bunch of options in the econsole. In worst scenario using non-matching version of econsole to make configuration changes might cause substantial damage to the eSafe software, up to complete reinstall/reimage.
~~ eSafe econsole No longer available

Docs Also freely available at :
~~[eSafe Documenation] No longer available
Knowledgebase - if you work for Aladdin partner you will have access to complete knowledgebase , while anyone else can see a smaller part of it (that will suffice for few long weeks of studying nevertheless ).
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