Aladdin Esafe defaults and some debug commands

HISTORICAL NOTE Aladdin was an Israeli company known for its security eTokens and mail filtering appliances - eSafe. In 2009 it was bought by Safenet primarily for the token/DRM line, and soon the eSafe appliance was discontinued. Later the Safenet was in turn acquired by Gemalto. You can read about Aladdin at Aladdin Wiki
As any other box esafe comes with some default configs , to much of my surprise it takes too long to find them in the Esafe docs, so here they are:

eConsole TCP port: 43970
eConsole UDP port: 43982
Webmin TCP port: 37233 - https to eSafe, when installed on linux  [last eSAfe to support Windows was eSafe 6 FR2] https://ip_address_of_esafe:37233. default username: root
default password: kn1TG7psLu
Webmin username: admin
Webmin password: esafe
econsole default username: admin
econsole default pasword: no such, you will be asked to set on the first login or during Webmin configuration

Product Configuration file:
Nitroinspection Configuration file:
  eSafe Machine Configuration file:
eSafe Applifilter Configuration file:

Spool Directory:

Advanced antispam and URL filtering (cobion) database Directory:

Session log files:

Machine logs - when debug mode enabled logs get written here:

Debug procedure, provided load on the machine permits:
(High Debug mode loads the machine a lot!) you may shorten the time of troubleshooting when opening ticket in Aladdin.
You need to re-create the problem first in high debug level (you can do it with eConsole: Options > Troubleshooting... > Clear Log Files > choose High troubleshooting level > re-create the problem > choose "Off" to turn off troubleshooting level)

How to create support file:
cd /opt/eSafe
Collecting eSafe info and log files, Please wait ...
Information successfully logged in


enter Webmin https://ip_address_of_esafe:37233 > Support > Create and download eSafe Support Info file

eSafe Machine configuration script (script has the same functionality as Webmin ):
cd /opt/eSafe

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