Usually colorization is put in action via alias : alias ls=’ls –color=auto’
You can turn off the colors each time you run ls: ls –color=never l or change the alias itself to disable fancy colors permanently or even simple \ls . But to change the colors you’d need to cause dircolors utility to read your own color database when the login session starts. So let’s do just that
1) Export existing db:
[bash]dircolors -p > dircolors.db[/bash]
2) edit :
[bash]vi dircolors.db[/bash]
e.g. change directories color from blue to red:[bash]di=01;34 -> di=01;31[/bash]
3) save changes
4) make bash to reload color scheme:
[bash]eval `dircolors dircolors.db`[/bash]
5) put [bash]eval `dircolors $HOME/dircolors.db`[/bash] into .profile file at the end of it.
That is it.