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RIPE database query for a route object, or why my network is not advertised via BGP to the world

Once it was a nice-to-have configuration that most ISPs in the world ignored anyway, but today it is a must if you are planning to advertise your networks via BGP through your uplink provider – your route object in the AS whois database of the uplink provider. If not – you will happily advertise your networks, the uplink provider will duly advertise them to its uplink peers, which will check AS registry database of your provider and not finding this route object will silently drop the advertising.
Of course it is duty of your transit ISP provider to update their records with your network, but after all, you are the one most interested – so as they say in Russian ” Доверяй но проверяй ” , and here is how to do it:
whois -h whois.ripe.net — ‘-a -r -i or -T route AS1680’ | grep route
In this example I assume your uplink provider is Netvision with AS1680 , replace AS number with the correct one.
Output will look like:

If you don’t find in such listing your network – Houston, you have a problem here.


  1. Of course, this is highly dependent on the policies of your upstream ISP, and how they build their BGP customer facing filters. It could be more unified in Europe, but in the US, it is a total hodge-podge, no two providers do things quite the same.

  2. Hello Yuri,

    Is there anywhere a tutorial of how to update/1st time create a route object?
    It’s a mist-full topic for many network engineers I met all these years.

  3. Yuri

    May 15, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    Thanks Doug for insight, I actually thought that US with all the compliance/audit/public visibility stuff would be strict about that 🙂
    With the particular case I didn’t go and check every upstream ISP, but did check Tiscali and Telia – both were filtering out
    client’s nets because of the missing whois database entry.

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