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Checkpoint firewall VPN debug cheat sheet

I love cheat sheets. Once I learn some product or technology to the level of understanding how it works I find the cheat sheets with all the options to run it and keep it handy. In case of the Checkpoint firewalls such cheat sheets are pretty much absent so I will throw from time to time here cheat sheets from me.
NB And to those claiming you need to know (read – memorize) everything, send them to Albert Einstein quote that when asked what the speed of light is, answered “I don’t memorize things that can be found in any reference”.
Today I’ll do VPN debug , basic stuff, no thrills. But we all started somewhere.
Checkpoint VPN debug cheat sheet

Checkpoint VPN debug cheat sheet , page 1

Checkpoint VPN debug cheat sheet , page 1

Checkpoint VPN debug cheat sheet , page 2

Checkpoint VPN debug cheat sheet , page 2


  1. Hi Yuri,

    An excellent start to cheat sheets! Liked the layout and your approach to including only the relevant details.

    Liked your statement – ‘SSH into the module, don’t waste your time with GUI’ So true 🙂

  2. Yuri

    March 24, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    Thanks , after trying a lot of techniques to share the knowledge I find that short cheat sheets are the most likable .
    I plan to add more of it.

  3. I was googling around and found a blogger post that had your info on it. (it also had mine). I reported them for copyright violations, but didn’t know where the other authors originals were. I’m glad I found yours!

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