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Where do I download the Checkpoint Splat image

The answer is surprisingly simple – at the Checkpoint.com . On the home page there is a link to download their products Try Our Products (SPLAT, SmartDefense, Endpoint,GAIA). You need a free Check Point UserCenter account , then you fill general questions form and get a link to download the real production image of whatever you chose to download. You get an evaluation license for 30 days at the same page , without any license upon install you get unlimited 15-days trial.


  1. I did all of the above and downloaded 1of 2 but when I tried to download 2 of 2 it gave me an error saying that I was not authorized to download. Checkpoint user center emailed me that I would have to already own a Checkpoint product.

    Any ideas?

  2. Yuri

    October 2, 2010 at 6:24 am

    For firewall install you only need the 1st CD , the 2nd one contains this and I don’t rememeber ever needing this 2nd CD in firewall installs unless you are doing Endpoint server install.
    File Name: Check_Point_R70_CD2.Splat.iso
    Product: Endpoint Security Client, Security Gateway
    Version: R70
    OS: SecurePlatform / Pro, Linux
    Size: 174.40 MB
    Date Published: 2009-03-10

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